Viral Launch Review: The Amazon-FBA Tool for 2020?

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Viral Launch

Every day, millions of users from all around the world put their trust in online vendors to buy goods. According to this survey , over 140 million people accessed Amazon from their mobile phones in 2019. Amazon has become the most popular online marketplace in the world, and, accordingly, more and more people want to sell on Amazon. Therefore, niches get crowded, and beginners get buried under more established sellers.

However, software like Viral Launch exists to give the beginner a boost into the world of Amazon-FBA. But is the help worth the cost? We’ll find out in this Viral Launch review .

What’s Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is the name of a unique suite of tools created to help new sellers on Amazon get ahead faster. Viral Launch's tools do a lot of the research work for you, such as optimizing keywords and product listings, spying on competitors, alerting you of new opportunities, and tracking your business' progress. But it doesn’t do all of this for free, of course. So, how much does Viral Launch cost?

Viral Launch's Pricing: What’s the catch?

There are many Viral Launch features , so it makes sense that the pricing might be a little steep. However, compared to some other Amazon-FBA software we’ve seen, it might be downright cheap. Let us break down the Viral Launch packages for you.

First, there’s the Beginner package, which is, as slated for beginners. This product costs $50 per month for the yearly plan and $59 monthly. It only has the extremely basic features of Viral Launch.

The next package is Pro. This one is meant for the more experienced seller, those brands who are more established and want to boost sales. It’s $83 a month yearly and $99 for the monthly plan.

Brand builder aims for experienced Amazon entrepreneurs and brands that want to expand and grow even larger. It has an extensive suite of solutions. It costs $125 per month for the yearly plan and $149 monthly. 

The largest and most expensive plan is the Kinetic package. It has every solution that Viral Launch has, and it’s meant to maximize profit for fully established sellers or brands. It cost $166 per month for the yearly plan and $199 for the monthly package.

Viral Launch Solutions

Okay, let’s make a few things clear. The word “solutions” in the heading is a section of products that Viral Launch offers. It also provides other services such as launches, brand optimization, marketing optimization, content optimization, professional product photos, and Kinetic managed services. All these services can be bought without having a plan, but some come with specific plans.

The Viral Launch features in question are the ones we're going to explain right now.

  • Viral Launch Kinetic PPC : This is a new Viral Launch solution, and it’s fantastic because driving Amazon PPC is a really underrated yet extremely useful form of generating traffic and sales. This feature is only available on the Kinetic package. The Kinetic PPC manages your ads for you with your settings, so that you can maximize your ad profits.
  • Viral Launch Product Discovery: The problem this solution solves is finding a product opportunity. Set up your criteria and let the Viral Launch Product Discovery find a suitable product niche for you. It comes with sales estimates, keywords, and categories, so you lack nothing.
  • Viral Launch Market Intelligence: Have all the market research you need at your fingertips. The Viral Launch Market Intelligence feature gets you accurate data and allows you to comprehend your market of choice better.
  • Viral Launch Keyword Research: This tool takes all the guesswork out of keyword creation. Get the perfect keyword for that listing, with this tool. Heck, you can even steal one from the competition.
  • Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence: You can now view your competition's information with a copy, paste, and click. Their ASIN can be used to gain insight into their performance and keep you ahead of them.
  • Keyword Optimization Tools: Each one of these tools can be used on its own, but they have been seamlessly integrated to produce amazing listings to drive sales. The three tools are listing analyzer, keyword manager, and listing builder. 

The analyzer compares your product listings to the ones of the top competitors and outlines differences and solutions. The keyword manager allows you to find the best keywords for your product, integrate them in your listings, and track their progress. And finally, the listing builder helps you to create perfectly optimized listings. Talk about a Terrific Trio… too much?

Some of these features are from the Viral Launch Chrome extension . These features are integrated with some plans. The Viral Launch extension lets you see information about products while you surf Amazon.

NB: You can check your daily keyword rank and track your ads. The more expensive plans can do this freely and with minimal restrictions. 


How do I cancel Viral Launch?

While the Viral Launch reviews are spectacular, the developers allowed easy ways to cancel your account. You can easily send an email to [email protected] , or by selecting Account on your launchpad.

Can I use a free trial?

Yes, there is a Viral Launch free trial , and it’s easily accessible from the homepage.

You don’t even need a credit card to register.

Is Viral Launch Accurate?

No Amazon-FBA tool has every single bit of information completely right. Some of it is wrong, but for Viral Launch, it’s mostly accurate. But, keep in mind that its data isn’t absolute.

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